History and Background
Rabbi Alon Hazi arrived in Sydney in 2003 to join the Yeshiva Outreach & Israeli programs which were initially started by Rabbi Pinchas Feldman.
Recognizing the need for a permanent place to extend the activities for the thousands of Jewish travelers visiting Sydney each year, the Chabad house in Hall Street opened in 2004. The Chabad house very soon became the place to attract travelers, students and local young adults who enjoy all it has to offer:
- Drop-in center open 365 days a year with free Internet
- Counseling and guidance
- Friday night and Shabbat day meals
- All Jewish festival events and activities
In September 2009 a new building was purchased in conjunction with the “Jewish Benevolence Society of NSW” in the form of a pair of semis at 34 & 36 O’Brien Street.
The last two years have seen a dramatic increase in the range of people using our facilities. We no longer simply cater to travelers, but a huge array of local singles and families make use of our building, services and facilities.
Local families join us for holidays and Shabbat dinners and their numbers continue to increase. Our new premises, which is child friendly, now holds Children’s services and games for Shabbat and Festivals.
Our centre continues to offer all services 365 days a year and furthermore now has emergency food and accommodation for those in need, and mostimportantly we endeavor to be a place where everyone feels welcome at all times.

About us